St. Catharines removes 45 garbage cans to fight illegal dumping


You may notice fewer garbage cans in St. Catharines as the city tries a new plan to stop illegal dumping.

In the new pilot project the city removed 45 garbage cans in December to see if that would help stop people from dumping their unwanted waste beside the cans.

Director of Municipal Works Darrell Smith, tells CKTB it seems to be working.

He says illegal dumping in those areas has almost stopped completely, but littering, especially the dropping of dog poop bags is on the rise.

While the exact locations of the removed garbage cans are not being released, Smith says they have not removed any cans from downtown.

He says city staff will examine what is easier to deal with, illegal dumping, or nuisance littering.

The project is set to wrap up in the summer as officials analyze the results and decide whether or not to put the cans back in place.

The cost of throwing out an additional bag of garbage went up this month by 50 cents to $2.50.

In the fall, Niagara is moving to bi-weekly garbage collection, but recycling and green bins will still be collected weekly.

You will be able to put two bags or containers of garbage at the curb every two weeks.