St. Catharines targets further reduction in emissions


The City of St. Catharines is looking to further reduce emissions.

Council accepting a staff recommendation that calls for a community-wide net zero target by 2050.

It also includes a target to reduce emissions by 63.5% by the year 2030.

Councillor Greg Miller says setting these targets is important but councillors need to remember the goal as they discuss other issues, "We have often advocated for doing more on climate change mitigation through reducing emissions, but we have rejected sidewalks or bike lanes, we have had people speak against intensification. So, I think it is important to remember that 
everything we do in here is gonna have to be geared towards achieving these aggressive targets."

The decision by council was welcome news to Herb Sawatzky from 50by30 Niagara.

He spoke to councillors saying that there is no time to waste, "Each jurisdiction needs to take its own initiative, let China worry about China, let India worry about India, let St. Catharines worry about St. Catharines. We can do it, we have the tools we need.' 

50by30Niagara aims to see the Niagara Region and all twelve municipalities reduce emissions 50% by 2030

The recommendation was unanimously adopted by council.