St. Catharines to propose partnership with MTO to discourage graffiti near highways

CKTB - NEWS - St. Catharines highway

St. Catharines will be approaching the Ministry of Transportation with a proposal to work together to discourage graffiti.

Mayor Walter Sendzik explains the idea would include planting greenery near sound barrier walls and fences close to highways.

"Bush, shrubs, pine trees, anything that can be planted along there that will make it more difficult for the taggers, but more importantly, will green up the space."

While making the motion, Councillor Greg Miller stated currently residents are responsible for graffiti removal on their fences near the highway, even though those fences may be almost inaccessible to the owner. "I had an incident where a resident did get a by-law infraction for this and they didn't even know that the graffiti was on their back fence."

Miller suggested the city contribute the trees that would be planted as mature trees may be required.

City staff will be exploring the options with the MTO.