St. Catharines video game company earns Canadian Screen Awards nomination

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A St. Catharines video game studio is being recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards.

Two-person studio Rocketship Park's game 'Love - A Puzzlebox Filled With Stories' has been nominated for Best Video Game.

The game by Jim Squires and Shane McCafferty is described as 'a puzzle game about finding things we've lost in ourselves and the people who help us find them.'

Although the idea for the game began 10 years ago and production started 4 years ago Squires reflects on finishing and releasing the game during a pandemic.

"Even though both myself and Shane live here in town, the last year of the game we made entirely remotely. It was a very strange experience when the folks you work with are really almost neighbours and you still can't connect with them. So we got to experience a bit of that loneliness ourselves as we finished the game up in this last year."

Love - A Puzzlebox Filled With Stories will be going up against Later Daters, Spiritfarer, Star Renegades, and We Happy Few: We All Fall Down.

Click here to listen to Squires' full interview with Tom McConnell.

"We've found our audience, small though it might be," Squires says. "We sort of consistently had very very good feedback from players, from media - after our launch last year there were a few folks out there who were talking about it on Game Of the Year lists and things like that, which were very nice, but ultimately kind of larger recognition, this sort of recognition from the Canadian Screen Awards - we have not seen anything like this, and we never would have expected anything like this."

The game is available through the Steam Store.