St. Catharines waiving business licence fees for 2021

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St. Catharines city council is waiving business licence fees for 2021 as the pandemic continues.

While urging his fellow councillors to support the move, Councillor Mat Siscoe said, "This is one area where I think we can help. It's a small piece, I'm not going to pretend that this is a large gesture, but it is still something that we can do to try to lessen the burden and allow businesses to maintain their status." Mat Siscoe.

The fees are waived for Amusement Arcades, Auctioneers, Hawkers/Peddlers, Public Halls, Refreshment Stands, Restaurants, and Theatres.

The cost ranges from $53 for an auctioneer to $660 for a peddler who is not a resident of the city.

The motion passed unanimously.