St. Catharines wants input on beaches following crazy summer of 2020

CKTB-NEWS-Sunset_beach_St. Catharines

An online survey has been launched by St. Catharines asking residents how it can improve beach access.

The input will help inform the development of a beach strategy aimed at improving beach experiences and offsetting issues that came to a head during the summer of 2020.

Last summer, beaches saw a dramatic increase of visitors at beaches, making issues such as littering, inappropriate behaviour and parking problems worse.

The city increased parking enforcement, reduced operating hours, and even restricted beach access to locals.

Residents can access the survey by clicking here between March 5 and March 19.

“Our beaches represent a crucial asset for the City, they provide relief from the heat, opportunities for outdoor play and add to the lives of our residents and visitors to the city,” said Deputy Chief Administrative Officer David Oakes, adding, “we want to continue to improve these attractions and allocate the necessary resources to ensure not only that users benefit from them, but the larger community as well, while making sure they don’t negatively impact surrounding neighbourhoods.”