St. Catharines wants to help residents turn their small business idea into reality

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St. Catharines' small-business support office is gearing up for another annual run of Starter Company Plus. 

Through the provincially funded program, the team at the Enterprise Centre provides business training, mentorship and a grant up to $5,000 to help eligible entrepreneurs successfully launch their own businesses.

Since 2013, the centre has assisted 100 new businesses through the program, and 88 still operate, accounting for over 200 local jobs.

“There’s a lot to account for when starting a business, a lot of moving parts between an entrepreneur’s dreams and the reality of opening doors, especially as we move out of a period of uncertainty. The Starter Company Plus program really bridges the gap between passion, vision and the reality of opening a business. It’s a chance to learn from small business leaders who have faced the same challenges and overcome them to achieve success,” said Rob Belchior, Enterprise Centre small business consultant.

Eligible applicants will be invited to participate in business training and will be coached on the development of a business plan. 

The program will also help explain the marketing and sales process, explain financial forecasting, teach how to set attainable goals and more.

After participants complete the program, they become eligible to pitch their businesses for a limited number of grants.

The application deadline for this year is Sept. 27.

Before signing up, interested business owners are encouraged to participate in one of two upcoming information sessions on Sept. 15 and 22. 

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