Stargazers search the skies for Neowise comet

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Stargazers are in for a rare cosmic treat.

The comet Neowise is streaking across the sky and some avid astronomers have even be able to pick it out of the night sky with the naked eye.

The comet was first discovered in late March and was spotted during the early morning hours at the start of this month.

The comet is expected to stay in our skies for the rest of the summer, but the time of day you will be able to see it will change.

The Weather Network's Science Writer Scott Sutherland says the comet will become visible only at night toward the end of this month and into August and September.

Unfortunately, Neowise will start to dim during that time, so a telescope or binoculars may give you a better chance of spotting the comet in the western sky.

Click here to listen to Sutherland's full interview with tips on how to spot the comet.