Sundridge Sunflower Festival returns

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Sundridge Sunflower Festival returned Saturday on Main Street in Sundridge.

Organizers told CTV News close to 200 vendors were set up and said the festival brings in close to 10,000 people.

"Sundridge is a village of 1000 people and then there's Strong Township which is another thousand and Joly which is the same number, so we're 3000 together," said Dennis Johnstone, one of the event's organizers.

"Now, we've brought in seven to ten thousand people. It's great for the community, for local residents, it's a great weekend," he added.

It's also a busy weekend for local businesses, who also set up a vendor spot for the weekend.

"Every business does benefit, there's a lot of small business that do come in and have booths here, said Fraser Williamson, a councillor in Sundridge.

"It's just really a great opportunity to get everyone together and it is Sundridge's biggest event of the year."

Several community groups also take advantage of the vending space.

As for the vendors, it's the change of pace and atmosphere that they enjoy.

"It's just a great energy just being outside, being here with a bunch of people, and people you would never meet otherwise," said Robyn Tucker, marketing director at Copperhead Distillery.

"The enjoyment of seeing so many people the happiness it's like a big huge family," said Janet Hooyenga, who owns Grandma's Preserves.

"Just absolutely loving it, I suggest everyone that gets a chance to come here to do so.