Survey says Canadians are more trusting than Americans


A new survey has found that Canadians are more trusting of institutions than Americans especially when it comes to institutions like elections bodies, the Supreme Court and the police.
But majorities of Canadians say they don't trust other major institutions, including the House of Commons, the Senate, provincial governments, the media and large corporations.
Polling firm Leger asked just over 16-hundred Canadians and just over a thousand Americans about whether they trust institutions, in a web survey from Friday to Sunday.
It can't be assigned a margin of error because online polls are not considered truly random samples.
Seventy-three per cent of Canadian respondents said they trust the police, making it the most trusted institution in Canada, compared to 59 per cent who trust police in the U.S.
Sixty-nine per cent of Canadians said they trust Elections Canada but in the U.S., where there is continued political debate over the results of the last presidential election, only 40 per cent trust the Federal Election Commission.
Sixty-six per cent of Canadians trust the Supreme Court, compared to 45 per cent of those in the states.