Temporary crossover will be installed in front of West Niagara Secondary School

west niagara sec new

The Niagara Region is taking action near a new 'mega' high school in the west end of the Region.

West Niagara Secondary School, which is located on King Street or Highway 8 in Lincoln, opened in September - replacing three local high schools - with 1,500 students attending.

Traffic concerns were raised on the first day of school with students, staff, and area traffic congested on the mainly rural road.

The Niagara Region said it would study the area, and has now completed the pedestrian count, and other traffic assessments.

The Region says it is moving forward with a temporary pedestrian crossover in the area, saying the project will be expedited by the Region.

Crossovers, or crosswalks are designated in areas that allow pedestrians to cross roads where there are no traffic lights. 

Drivers, including cyclists, must stop and allow pedestrians to cross. 

Only when pedestrians and school crossing guards have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed. 

The Region will also be banning parking on the north and south sides of King Street in front of the school to deter vehicles from stopping on the shoulder of the road to drop off students.

Niagara will also be considering the potential for a permanent pedestrian signal or crossover as part of the planned reconstruction project on King Street between the school and Cabernet Street.