'The best possible outcome is no easy path for any of us'

CKTB - NEWS - Trudeau April 9th 2020 COVID-19

During his national address today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoed the warnings from Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer.

Before Trudeau stepped up to the podium today, Dr. Theresa Tam took part in a conference to explain the federal COVID-19 projections.

The models suggest 11,000 – 22,000 Canadians could die in the coming months if strong protective measures are in place.

Trudeau said we’re at a fork in the road between the best and worst possible outcomes, and encouraged Canadians to continue following the best advice from health care officials. He noted, “The best possible outcome is no easy path for any of us.”

The projections also showed the end of the first wave of infections could peak in the spring and last until the summer with smaller outbreaks following after that. “This will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed.” He said after we get through the first wave Canada will be better equipped to handle what follows because we will already know how to implement effective protective measures. “We will have developed both tools and habits that will allow us to be much more resilient and resistant to further outbreaks and spreads that we’ll be able to keep localized, that we will be able to fight against and protect our most vulnerable from over the coming months.”

Going into the Easter weekend he had a message of hope, “There is a light at the end of this tunnel. If we keep doing the things that we’re doing, the way that we’re doing, as we’ve seen in other countries, we are able to minimize the impact of this wave of COVID-19. We are unfortunately going to continue to lose people across this country in the coming weeks, but we also know that there are things we can continue to do to make sure we get through this first wave as quickly, and as low-impactly as possible.”

Trudeau is hoping to see his family this weekend, but he says his focus is getting legislation regarding further federal aid programs approved by Parliament.