The scow shift seen around the world

CKTB - News - Iron Scow

It seems like the Niagara Falls' scow shift has been seen around the world.

News agencies from around the world are talking about the rusty century-old grounded barge which briefly broke loose during a storm last week in the river just above Niagara Falls.

The scow had been stuck since 1918 on rocks in the upper rapids above the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.

High winds and rain on Halloween dislodged it before it got stuck again.

A Niagara Parks official says it could be stuck in its new location for days or years.

Senior Manager of Heritage at the Niagara Parks Commission Jim Hill says if chunks of the scow go over they will fall over the falls and rest in the deepest part of the Niagara River.

He says overtime there will more than likely be a debris field of chunks of metal in the rapids as it slowly disintegrates.

Hill says the waterfall is 16 storeys high, but the water pool below is actually deeper.

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