The time for warnings is over in Wainfleet

CKTB - News - Kevin Gibson

Wainfleet is ramping up enforcement this weekend as Niagara remains in phase 2 of the province's economic recovery plan. 

The towns beaches and the quarry have seen increased activity with the hot sticky weather Niagara has endured so far this summer and Mayor Kevin Gibson says local residents are being negatively affected. 

"Council has been taking increased action to ensure people are behaving responsibly, safely and respectfully to our property and that of our residents, including increasing our
fines and towing vehicles,” said Mayor Kevin Gibson. “However, while the parking situation has improved, there are so many other issues taking place, most of which center
on the use of alcohol on our properties and roadways. The time for warnings is over.”

Starting this weekend, paid-duty police officers will be on patrol looking for various offences and ensuring compliance with provincial and municipal laws and charging those not in compliance.