The water is very murky: New search team takes over in search for 9 yr old in Lake Erie


A new team is taking over the grim task of searching Lake Erie for the body of 9 year old Alex Ottley.

Bill Bolton, is Senior Trainer and Team Leader of the Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue group, based out of Kitchener.

He tells CKTB's Matt Holmes they are now taking over the search, after the Ottley family called them in.

The group consists of 15 people, with two boats.

This is the group's first search in Lake Erie, as the group usually searches rivers.

Bolton says the water is very murky, so sonar is the most effective way to search the water.

Ottley was swept into the frigid waters of the lake at Peacock Point, near Port Dover, over two weeks ago.

The OPP gave up an extensive search of the lake last week after their efforts failed to locate the young boy.

A Manitoba dive team is working with the rescue team today to assist with the search.