Thorold issues advice after some residents received two voter cards

Thorold votes image

Thorold residents are being asked to hold on to all voter letters they receive.

City officials are asking anyone who received more than one letter to hold on to both copies. 

Municipalities across Ontario receive their voters list from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and due to an error some residents are getting two letters.

"Thorold City staff are currently addressing each of the duplications. All duplications will be corrected in advance of the online voting period, affirming that each eligible voter will only have one active PIN number that will work for voting. For instances where two voter letters were issued to one individual, one voter letter will be deactivated, resulting in that PIN number becoming unusable."

Residents who received a duplicate voter letter should keep both copies, with the knowledge that one of them will not work at the time of online voting. People are asked to refrain from providing their voter letters to anyone but City Clerk staff.

 “We apologize for any confusion that duplicate letters may have caused residents,” said Matthew Trennum, city clerk. “We encourage anyone who has questions about internet voting or their voter letter(s) to contact the Clerks Department or utilize one of the available help centres between October 11 and 22.”

If a resident wishes to have a new voter letter issued, they can bring their voter letter(s) to City Hall during business hours before 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 24, 2022, or visit one of the City’s help centres between Oct. 11 and 22, 2022. 

Issuing a new voter letter will immediately de-active any previously sent voter letters.

Should a resident receive a voter letter addressed to a previous occupant of their home, they should mark the envelope with ‘moved’ and return it to City Hall by mail or by dropping it off in-person.