Three Niagara roads make CAA's top ten Worst Roads list for Ontario

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Three Niagara roads have earned a place on CAA's Worst Roads list for Ontario.

Drummond Road in Niagara Falls, McLeod Road in Niagara Falls, and Pelham Road in St. Catharines all made the provincial top ten list.

During CAA's Worst Roads campaign, 94% of Niagara voters said potholes and crumbling pavement were their top reasons for voting for a roadway.

Niagara’s Top 10 Worst Roads for 2018 are:
Drummond Road, Niagara Falls
McLeod Road, Niagara Falls
Pelham Road, St. Catharines
Sider Road, Fort Erie
Ontario Street, St.  Catharines
Saint David’s Road, Thorold
Dorchester Road, Niagara Falls
Dominion Road, Fort Erie
Brunswick Avenue, Crystal Beach
Merritt Street, St. Catharines

Ontario’s Top Ten Worst Roads for 2018 are:
Burlington Street East, Hamilton
County Road 49, Prince Edward
Duckworth Street, Barrie
Avondale Road, Belleville
Eglington Avenue West, Toronto
Drummond Road, Niagara Falls
Dufferin Street, Toronto
McLeod Road, Niagara Falls
Pelham Road, St. Catharines
Lockhart Road, Innisfil