Tim Hortons brings back two donut classics for National Donut Day

Timmies donuts

The first Friday of June is National Donut Day, and to celebrate, Tim Hortons has brought back some Tim's classics.

The two retruning donuts, The Walnut Crunch and Cherry stick, have not been available for over 10 years.

On Wednesday, the first day that the Walnut Crunch and the Cherry Stick started their comeback, over 200,000 of the classic donuts were sold across Canada.

The Walnut Crunch and Cherry Stick is only available for a limited time in restaurants across Canada.

"Over the years, guests have been asking us to bring back these two classic donuts and we thought there was no time like National Donut Day to give them both the comeback tour they deserve," said Tallis Voakes, Director of Culinary Innovation at Tim Hortons.

"Both the Walnut Crunch and Cherry Stick were iconic donuts in their time and I'm happy to report they still pack the same delicious punch in every bite."