Time to get 'green' Niagara...garbage collection changes coming in 10 days

CKTB-NEWS-Green Bin Niagara

There will be no change to Niagara's usual garbage pickup over the Thanksgiving weekend, but there will be a big change in just a few days.

Starting Monday October 19th garbage will be picked up every other week, while recycling and green bins will still be collected weekly.

Collection and Diversion Program Manager Lucy McGovern tells CKTB's Tom McConnell that there is still an 'ick' factor when it comes to residents using green bins.

McGovern says less than half of Niagara residents use green bins for organic waste now, and they are hoping the new bi-weekly garbage schedule will help push people to go 'green.'

New homeowners and new renters are entitled to get a free Blue Box, Grey Box, Kitchen Catcher and Green Bin if they do not have them already.

If you don't have a green bin, you can use a substitute such as a garbage can or similar container and putting a sticker that identifies it as "Organics".

McGovern says some people don't realize the large list of what can go into a green bin, which includes tissues, paper towel, pet waste, coffee grinds, egg shells, and unused food matter.

She encourages people who don't like the smell of the waste to freeze items in newspaper, cardboard, a paper bag or certified compostable bag until your pick up day.

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