Tiny kitten found abandoned in Grimsby park

Midnight 1

The Lincoln County Humane Society is investigating after a tiny kitten was left in a Grimsby park in a cat carrier.

A woman out walking her dog made the discovery in Murray Street Park yesterday and took the kitten to the humane society.

An exam by LCHS staff found Midnight, affectionately named by LCHS staff, to be healthy and in good shape,

The LCHS says in a release, "while this potential cruelty case was reported to the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Animal Cruelty hotline, they were unable to receive our complaint as an owner is unknown."

LCHS Executive Director Kevin Strooband says abandoning an animal is unacceptable and cruel and he urges people to bring their unwanted pets to their local humane society for re-homing.

The LCHS will provide care for Midnight and if an owner is not found in 4 days, she will be available for adoption to a loving home.