Toronto Blue Jays looking for a new home stadium

Blue Jays baseball

Will it be the Buffalo Blue Jays?

The Jays are looking for a ballpark to play home games after the federal government turned down the teams request for an exemption so that it could play regular season games in Toronto.

The exemption was necessary so the Jays and other teams could cross the border without having to self isolate for 14 days.

The team has until July 29th, the day of its first home game, to find a park.

Speculation is running high it will play home games in Buffalo out of Salen Park which is home to the Jays Triple A affiliate.

However, there are  reports players don't like the park and the team is now looking at PNC Park, home to the Pittsburg Pirates.

The Pittsburg Post- Gazette says the Pirates 2020 schedule doesn't conflict too much with the Jays.