Two G2 drivers facing stunt driving charges after being stopped in separate incidents on the QEW

CKTB - NEWS - Stunt Drivers QEW November 2021

Two G2 drivers are facing stunt driving charges after police say they were clocked flying down the QEW.

An OPP officer says the first 18 year old driver was travelling at 167 km/hr and claimed they had just bought the car after being pulled over. Officials say the driver produced a low reading for an alcohol roadside test. The driver was charged and their licence was suspended for 30 days.

In a separate incident an officer recorded another 18 year old G2 driver travelling at 179 km/r in the Vineland area. They were also charged with stunt driving.

In September the automatic roadside licence suspension for stunt driving increased to 30 days, up from seven days.