Two Niagara MPs call on regional council to declare mental health state of emergency

CKTB - NEWS - Baldinelli and Allison

Two Niagara MPs are calling on the regional chair to declare a mental health state of emergency.

Conservative MPs Tony Baldinelli from Niagara Falls and Dean Allison of Niagara West have penned a letter to Regional Chair Jim Bradley and the rest of regional council.

In it, they write, "...the pandemic has negatively impacted each and every resident across the region in one way or another. Illness, fatigued front line workers, unprecedented job losses and skyrocketing inflation have all taken a tremendous toll."

They say if the region declares a state of mental health emergency, it will be a helpful tool for them to convey the urgency when Parliament resumes at the end of November where they plan to call for funding increases, more support, and decreased waiting lists for the region.