Two Ontario men face neo-Nazi linked terror and hate propaganda charges


RCMP say two Ontario men have been arrested for allegedly helping to make videos and manifestos in support of the neo-Nazi terror movement and far-right extremism.
Police say the men allegedly participated in making recruiting videos for Atomwaffen Division, an international neo-Nazi terror group, and ``manifestos'' on a group of messaging channels known to circulate neo-fascist ideology and manuals on how to carry out racially-motivated violence.
RCMP say they executed search warrants in Niagara and Toronto as part of the 18-month investigation.
Police say 28-year-old Matthew Althorpe is facing several charges, including three counts of making hate propaganda for a terrorist group, while 25-year-old Kristoffer Nippak faces one charge of participating in the activities of a terrorist group.
It comes after RCMP laid the first ever terrorism and hate propaganda charges in Canada against a 26-year-old Ottawa man in July for allegedly making videos for the Atomwaffen Division.
RCMP say the two men are next set to appear in a Toronto court on Monday to confirm dates for a bail hearing.