Ukrainians fleeing war say there are barriers to starting new life in Canada

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A non-profit that helps Ukrainian newcomers navigate the Canadian immigration system says many people who fled the war want to stay here permanently, but there are barriers keeping them from starting a new life.
Pathfinders for Ukraine surveyed 922 families who made the journey to Canada on a temporary emergency visa.
The group says without a dedicated program the vast majority of people who want to stay won't qualify for existing immigration programs because of language, finances and other barriers.
As of Oct. 14, nearly 200,000 Ukrainians have come to Canada on a three-year emergency visa program.
Immigration Minister Marc Miller says the emergency program was always meant to be temporary, but Canada won't send people back in the midst of the conflict.
Nataliia Vabiak in Markham, Ont., says the uncertainty is stressful _ and made worse by her worries for her husband's safety back in Ukraine.