Unclear when Canadians still in Gaza Strip can cross into Egypt

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Canadians still stuck in the war-torn Gaza Strip continue to wait their chance to cross into Egypt.
Saturday's list from the General Authority for Crossings and Borders in Gaza contained no Canadians, further stalling a chance to leave through the Rafah border crossing.
As of Friday, Global Affairs Canada said 376 Canadians, permanent residents and their relatives have been able to leave the Palestinian territory via Rafah.
The department had said on Wednesday that it was in touch with 386 people still in Gaza.
The United Nations was forced on Friday to stop deliveries of food and other necessities in Gaza and warned of the growing risk of widespread starvation after internet and telephone services collapsed because of a lack of fuel.
Israel announced it will allow two tanker trucks of fuel into Gaza each day for the United Nations and communications, though that is half of what the United Nations said it needs for life-saving functions such as powering water systems, hospitals, bakeries and the trucks delivering aid.