United Way Niagara grant supports animal fostering program for people in crisis


A United Way grant will allow two animal welfare organizations to continue helping Niagara residents in crisis.

The Lincoln County Humane Society and Fido Niagara have received a United Way Niagara 'Special Projects/Emergency Fund' grant to continue providing a pet fostering service while owners seek help through social services.

The program will be available for people fleeing domestic abuse situations, facing eviction, or dealing with a medical crisis.

Fido Niagara will assess the animal and match it with an appropriate foster home.

In emergencies, LCHS will house the pet temporarily and the animal will be examined by a vet and given up to date vaccinations.

Pets are fostered for up to 40 days.

People in need can be recommended to the service through a social worker, nurse, or other social services official.