UPDATE | DSBN and Niagara Catholic will close schools Monday if CUPE strikes

school kids

Both the public and Catholic school boards in Niagara will close schools come Monday if CUPE members go on strike.

The District School Board of Niagara and the Niagara Catholic Board both deciding today that elementary and secondary schools will stay closed if a deal isn't reached between the province and the union, which represents 55,000 education support workers.

Both boards asking parents to make alternative child care arrangements, but saying full-day daycare's running at schools will stay open, however before and after school care will be cancelled.

For the DSBN, night school and eLearning courses will continue to operate.

The Catholic board says alternative and continuing education schools will be closed if there is a strike.

Teachers will still need to report to work as usual.

The DSBN says teachers and all non-CUPE members will be required to report to work to engage in planning, reviewing student data, and professional development activities.