UPDATE | NF Mayor comments on parades and day trippers

Crush the curve

Niagara Falls was  the scene of the Mayor's Crush the Curve Caravan over the weekend, with a line of cars and trucks driving through neighbourhoods honking and playing music.

It was just up the highway the city of Burlington had suggested putting limits on birthday caravans, but the mayor of Niagara Falls Jim Diodati  puts a different spin on it, saying it gives people something to look forward to.

He says city staff came up with the caravan idea after they cancelled the annual Canada Day parade and they checked with police to make sure it was okay.

The mayor adding it was a way to reward people who are staying at home because "the only way you could see it is if you were at home."

As for the long lines of traffic in Queen Victoria Park yesterday, Diodati aks other than shutting down the QEW how do you stop people from coming?

But he acknowledges the lack of washroom facilities is causing the biggest problems because people are using the parking lots instead.

Diodati adding its hard to find the right balance between being a welcoming city to tourists and taking measures such as closing parking lots to deter visitors.

The Mayor says "people are coming here to have fun and let their hair down and take a break from all the stress and I don't want to add more stress to them.  So we have to come up with something. It's all about moderation, it's all about compromise, it's all I think looking for that middle ground."