Upgrades to Niagara's GO Transit service will be 'incremental', Metrolinx


Metrolinx has given an update on its Niagara business plan that includes adding 11 trains to and from the region daily.

Speaking with CKTB, Metrolinx Senior Manager of Media Relations Anne Marie Aikins says it's difficult to provide an exact timeline for when that will happen.

"Work is underway, and we are working as fast as we can. We are not just working towards the end goal. Our CEO, Phil Verster, is committed to incremental changes" adding that "he doesn't like to wait" when it comes to introducing more services.

Metrolinx is also moving forward with a planned Confederation GO Station in Stoney Creek and is looking for a private partner to invest in a Grimsby station.

However, Aikins says infrastructure is only half the battle, as Metrolinx does not own the rail corridor and still has to negotiate with their partners to ensure the GO trains have a timeslot.

The agency's business case projects GO ridership will be up to 200 on an average weekend day in Niagara, by the year 2031.