Uxbridge was hit by EF2 tornado during deadly weekend storm

uxbridge tor

Environment Canada says a tornado touched down in Uxbridge, Ont., during the destructive storm that swept across province over the weekend.

The weather agency says Western University's Northern Tornadoes Project team, which it has a relationship with, confirmed an EF2 tornado hit Uxbridge around 1:15 p.m. on Saturday with a maximum wind speed of 195 kilometres per hour.

The same team confirmed that maximum winds of 190 kilometres per hour hit southern Ottawa.

Environment Canada says the tornado in Uxbridge was embedded in the the edge of a derecho, a widespread windstorm associated with a line of thunderstorms, that developed near Sarnia, Ont., and moved northeastward across the province.

At least ten people died and three communities - including Uxbridge - declared states of emergency after the storm felled trees, brought down power lines and damaged property.

More than 98,000 Hydro One customers are still without power and Hydro Ottawa says it is working on restoring power to approximately 65,000 customers.