Venomous snakes found at Welland home after sudden death


The Niagara SPCA is reminding residents that owning venomous snakes is prohibited following a discovery in Welland today.

Animal Services Officers attended a home on Crowland Avenue in Welland to assist Niagara Regional Police at a sudden death investigation.

Police had requested assistance due the number of exotic snakes and reptiles found in the home.

Initial investigation by SPCA Officers revealed a number of dangerous reptiles including a venomous five foot long
cobra snake. 

Specially trained and experienced reptile handling experts were called to the scene by the SPCA to safely remove the animals.

Niagara SPCA Animal Services would like to remind everyone that possessing a venomous snake is prohibited in the City of Welland as well as many other cities with bylaws concerning exotic animals.

Officials say owning venomous reptiles, including snakes, poses serious risks to the public, the pet owners themselves, and emergency services personnel who may have to enter home.

CKTB has reached out to NRP to see if the death is suspicious.