Victims fuming over batch of 'bad gas' in Welland


A batch of 'bad gas' is being blamed for a number of vehicle issues in Niagara.

Fort Erie mother Jennifer Fanning says she filled up at the Mobil gas station located at 446 East Main Street in Welland last week, and the following morning her newly purchased car wouldn't start.

Her car was towed to her dealership, and after spending $315, it still was 'sputtering.'

Fanning again had her vehicle towed the following morning to the dealership, when the dealer told her there were other similar cases.

She says tests determined the fuel had 60% water.

So far 18 people have experienced the same issue with damages ranging between $300-1000.

She says the owner of the gas station has yet to comment, but it was shut down for testing on Friday.

A Facebook Page has been launched called 'Victims of Welland Mobil Gas' so they can keep a tally on how many people were impacted.

Her insurance company has provided Fanning with a rental car since it's still in the shop.

She believes she will be reimbursed for the engine work, but she may be out of pocket for her $500 deductible.

To hear Fanning's interview, click here.

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