Victory for Gates' motion to get prostate cancer screening tests covered by OHIP

gates thursday

A Niagara politician's quest to get prostate cancer screening tests covered by the government has passed another hurdle.

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates’ motion has been supported by the Ford Conservatives.

Gates first introduced the private member’s motion on OHIP coverage for PSA testing last year, and brought it forward for a second reading Thursday.

It passed and it's now the government's decision to act on it.

The test is only paid for now if your doctor suspects prostate cancer or if a patient has been diagnosed and is receiving treatment.

Gates issued a statement to CKTB saying '"I am very happy to see the Legislature support this much needed motion. It saves lives, it saves money and it reduces crowding in hospitals. Our next step is to keep the pressure on and make sure this gets implemented. Especially during this hard times we need to make sure no person ignores important healthcare needs because they can't afford it."