Vineland facility's research highlights value of healthy trees in urban settings


A Vineland facility is conducting research to help ensure urban areas benefit from a healthy tree population.

The TreeCulture Research Park is a two-acre facility led by the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Research at the facility will work to improve tree survival and increase the sustainability of tree canopies and shrubs in urban settings.

Vice President, Research & Development, Darby McGrath tells CKTB the experiments conducted are aimed at helping communities access the benefits of a healthy tree population.

"It's not until trees reach their mature size that we really get those ecological or environment benefits from them. Things like the cooling effects or the fact they're contributing to our overall urban canopy targets; it's all predicated on the expectation that we're going to have trees that grow and live for a really long time."

The facility in Vineland is already running experiments, with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled in September.