Want to help create a vision for the soon-to-be-built hospital in Niagara Falls?

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If you feel strongly about the soon-to-be-built hospital in Niagara Falls, Niagara Health is looking for your feedback.

The organization is asking for the public's help to develop a 'Project Statement' for the South Niagara hospital.

The statement will be used during the planning and construction phase of the hospital, with hospital officials saying it will be used to guide priorities, allocate resources, and provide a road map to ensure decisions made, properly align with the vision of the South Niagara Project.

Niagara Health is asking the public to visit their website to learn more about the South Niagara Project, then vote or create your own Project Statement through an online survey or in person.

A list of ballot boxes, where the public can vote in-person, are listed on the Niagara Health website.

The survey will be open until April 10, 2020.