Watchdog won't charge cop who killed knife-wielding woman in Hamilton

Police tape

Ontario's police watchdog will not charge an officer who shot and killed a woman in a Hamilton apartment last year.

The Special Investigations Unit says the officer was under immediate threat when he shot at the woman four times, striking her twice, in October 2018.

SIU interim director Joseph Martino says the 30-year-old woman had assaulted another person with a hammer and had started to cut her own throat when she lunged at two officers, holding a knife above her head.

He says they were in a small bedroom in an apartment, and when another officer tried to subdue the woman with a stun gun, it didn't work.

Martino says the woman was not in her right mind at the time of the shooting, under the influence of non-prescription drugs and upset with a domestic situation.

He says she wasn't responding to the officers' efforts to de-escalate the situation and posed a real danger to the two officers in the room with her.