Water Meter Replacement Program to get underway in Welland

CKTB - tap water

Welland will be replacing 1,500 water meters starting this month.

The city has partnered with Neptune Technology Group for the mandatory Water Meter Replacement Program with work scheduled to start on June 21st.

Replacing the meters will allow technicians to remotely get a more accurate reading of the meters.

Property owners will be contacted by the Neptune Technology Group to schedule an appointment by mail or by phone. Residents are asked not to contact Neptune until after receiving the notice.

When it comes time to complete the work, the technician will arrive in a vehicle with the Neptune Technology Group logo and will present a colour photo ID badge with their name, identification number, and a bar code.

The upgrade takes about 30 - 90 minutes to complete. Water will be shut off during the installation.

There is no charge for the installation.