'We must meet this moment': Trudeau delivers speech to Liberal caucus

trudeau 1

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on his Liberal caucus to meet the moment as Canadians deal with the high cost of living, a struggling health care system and the effects of climate change.
In a 12-minute speech to MPs, Trudeau laid out the minority government's priorities for the upcoming sitting of the House of Commons, which begins on Monday.
Trudeau says his party will push for improvements in public health-care, build a green economy and continue to support Ukraine following Russia's invasion.
He encouraged his caucus to build an economy that works for the middle class, and that will benefit future generations.
Trudeau also asked them to be ready for anything, acknowledging the party's confidence-and-supply agreement with the New Democrats, which is aimed at keeping the Liberals in power until 2025.
He says MPs need to push through these challenging times by bringing the voices of Canadians to Parliament and fighting for families.