Weird to have border only open one-way, but better than the other way around: Niagara Chamber

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"It's a little bit weird, to have the border open only one-way, but OK."

That's how the Director of Policy and Government Relations at the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce is responding to news that Canadians will not be allowed to drive into the U.S. for non-essential trips until Aug. 21st at the earliest.

Hugo Chesshire tells CKTB it's a little weird that it's not reciprocal.

The Canadian border is opening to vaccinated Americans on Aug. 9th.

"Especially given the vaccination rates, we've pulled ahead and we are doing really well and are competitive with a lot of U.S. states and yet we are letting the Americans in, at least the vaccinated ones, which is a little weird, but OK."

Chesshire says the Chamber has been trying to discourage cross-border shopping for so long, and now their wish has been granted, but in the worst kind of way.

"It's not ideal, we would like the border open, but it's probably better for us this way around, not the other way."

He says Canadians who were planning to travel to the states, will now have to travel within Canada and spend their money at home.

"We are getting more tourist money this way, and there is a silver lining to it."