Welland asking people not to feed birds as city tries to control growing number of geese


Welland is trying to control the growing number of geese in the city, especially along the waterfront.

The City is working with Municipal Wildlife Services on a program, but they are asking residents not to feed any birds.

Officials say feeding can attract many birds, resulting in large unnatural amounts of birds congregating in an area, where droppings accumulate in the grass, sand and water. 

They say most birds fly south in the winter to find other sources of food, so when people feed the birds, it encourages them to stay here longer and rely on human food to survive.

The City uses a number of federally-approved goose management methods, including dog patrols, using an Avian dissuader laser light and distress call, shoreline park patrols, the use of pyrotechnics, egg and nest depredation, and relocation services.

Officials say geese are not harmed by the City’s program.