Welland city councillor resigns amid ongoing threats and harassment of family

CKTB - NEWS - Resignation

A Welland city councillor has resigned, citing harassment and threats.

Lucas Spinosa says it started about a year and a half ago after the majority of council voted against a proposed emergency shelter pilot project at the Welland Tennis Club at the advice of regional experts.

At the time, experts raised concerns with liability, security, insurance, and staffing.

Spinosa says people threaten his family and friends, show up at his house, and vandalize his business, Black Sheep Coffee Roasters.

"They find out who I'm dating, they find out who my family members are, they find out who my staff is. This is Welland City Council, we're not talking about the CIA. I'm terrified to think people are this vicious over sidewalks and parks."

He says there was no help from colleagues and it became more difficult to deal with. "It got to the point where I had to stop letting my staff answer the phone because every other phone call was looking to make sure I was there, or threats, or yelling at me."

He says although he will no longer run for office, he will still be politically involved through board, committee, and volunteer commitments.