Welland shuts off water to 15 homes after watermain stub damaged

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Welland has shut off water to 15 homes following an incident on Glenview Avenue.

City officials say contractors were excavating for a sanitary sewer last night when a watermain stub was damaged.

The watermain was flushed, and samples were taken. 

While water is shut off, the city is supplying bottled water for those residents affected.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we shut the watermain down,” said Sherri-Marie Millar, director of infrastructure services. “We understand the inconvenience this causes residents, and we are doing everything we can to minimize the disruption.”

It is expected to take approximately 48 hours for the pipe to be repaired and recommissioned.

Niagara Public Health and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) are satisfied with the City’s plan to address the incident.

Once the work is complete, residents should remove screens from their faucets, turn on a cold water tap close to the water meter in their home, and let it run until the water is clear, at least 10 minutes. 

Then, run each cold water tap in your home for at least five minutes before using it.

Residents can call 905-735-1700 x3000 if they have questions or concerns.