Welland tackling problem of disposed needles with new sharps bins


Welland City council is approving a measure that aims to cut back on the number of discarded needles around the city.

Earlier this year a citizens group collected 5,000 discarded needles in their effort to draw attention to the issue.

Now, Welland City Councillor Brian Green says a total of 4 sharps bins will be set up strategically around the city.

City officials are now determining the ideal locations to install the bins that will reduce the risk of Welland residents coming in contact with disposed needles. 

One solution proposed by city staff is to dispatch collection bins to "hot spots" where the greatest number of needles are typically found.

Green adds the bins can be relocated without much difficulty to wherever they are most needed.

The councillor also saying the discarded needles are a sympton of a much larger issue with drug addiction, and that greater measures will be needed in the future to tackle this problem.