Welland to consider installing CCTVs

CKTB - NEWS - CCTV camera

Welland city council will consider applying to a provincial program to help install cameras to combat crime.

Mayor Frank Campion says the discussion will come up during budget deliberations after the city was contacted by the NRP.

"We're seeing more and more use of, you know when police are investigating they are looking for cameras - whoever has cameras pointed at a roadway or in certain areas. I think we want to be part of that linkage of private and public cameras, or NRP cameras I suppose."

Campion says the cameras would be most likely concentrated in the general downtown area, but the city would be working with the NRP to determine the best positions.

He adds he is not worried about 'Big Brother' allegations.

"We're at a point now with technology and people having cameras at their houses pointing out and about so I think there is an expectation that cameras will be out in public areas."

A dollar amount has not been settled upon yet if council decides to move forward, but the Ontario CCTV Grant is available to cover 50 percent of a successful project application.