West Lincoln Councillor who resigned this week says Pride flag debate was a factor


A West Lincoln Councillor who resigned this week is giving us some insight behind his decision, and the Pride flag debate definitely played a role.

Ward 2 Councillor, Christopher Coady says while he is forever humbled that he was elected by his neighbours, he has made the best choice for his family to step away.

He says since the COVID pandemic started he has closed his business and suffered a loss in the family - however his wife's business has taken off, and he has been offered a new opportunity in BC.

He says the Pride Flag issue and comments from West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma made him feel like West Lincoln was not the loving and inclusive home he thought it was. 

Coady says while the response to the Mayor's comments was overwhelmingly condemning, he did receive enough support to make the whole situation very disheartening. 

It was back in June questions were asked why West Lincoln was the only Niagara community not to fly the Pride flag, refused to call a special meeting on the matter, and then made some comments that infuriated the LGBTQ+ community. Click here to read more.

Coady went on to thank West Lincoln staff and council and says he hopes to see West Lincoln flourish and grow.