West Lincoln Mayor docked pay for asking St. Catharines woman about her period


West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma has been docked one week's pay for asking a St. Catharines woman if the COVID-19 vaccine changed her menstrual cycle.

Niagara Regional Council received a report from the interim Integrity Commissioner, who found Bylsma actions were irresponsible and violated a trust he had with the woman.

Regional Chair Jim Bradley tells CKTB's Tom McConnell that council was grateful for the report and the recommendation.

"The report was pretty straight forward. It's an additional time that Councillor Bylsma has been reprimanded by the Commissioner and dealt with by council. We always like to have someone from the outside who is independent that can assess the information or the complaint, and then make a recommendation."

The integrity commissioner's report cost taxpayers $7000, while Bylsma's docked pay works out to about $500.

Even after Bylsma issued his apology last night, he went on to misquote a study about the vaccine and menstruation, and then called the IG's report flawed.

The report also called out Bylsma for sharing the report prior to the meeting, which is a breech.

The Commissioner mentioned it in the report, but Bradley says it is unlikely that matter will be investigated further.

"I know the Integrity Commissioner was annoyed, but I haven't heard from Council on whether they will be pursuing it."