What is the toe-heel tap and why is everyone doing it?


Get ready to try the 'toe-heel tap' instead of greeting people with a handshake or fist bump.

Health officials are asking residents to drop gestures which spread germs, so people are getting creative and tapping their toes and heels instead.

Jason Tetro, Author of “The Germ Code” and “The Germ Files” and Host of the Super Awesome Science Show tells CKTB's Tom McConnell it seems like everyone wants to do the toe-heel tap instead of even connecting fists for a 'bump.'

He likes the idea, saying viruses spread easily from hands to hands.

He recommends keeping a distance from others who are sick, and to wear a scarf while out in public to place over your face for about 30 seconds if someone sneezes or coughs nearby.

When it comes to a mask, he thinks a scarf is a better bet since our risk is relatively low.