Woman dressed as Stormtrooper tackled and cuffed by police

CKTB - NEWS - Stormtrooper

An investigation is underway after a 19 year old woman dressed as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars was tackled to the ground and cuffed.

On Monday, May the Fourth, police in Lethbridge, Alberta responded to calls of a person carrying a gun near a restaurant.

When they arrived they found one of the restaurant's employees dressed as one of the iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise.

The costume included a 'blaster' prop.

Officers ordered the woman to get on the ground, but she couldn't hear them through the costume's helmet.

She suffered a bloody nose after being tackled to the ground.

No charges have been laid against the woman and Lethbridge's police chief had initiated an investigation under the Police Act to determine if the responding officers acted appropriately.