Woman engaged to Niagara officer shot in cop-on-cop shooting in Pelham speaks out

pelham shooting

The woman engaged to a Niagara police officer who was shot in a cop-on-cop shooting in Pelham is speaking out.

Dana Audet, the fiancée of NRP Constable Nathan Parker, tells CBC the entire incident was sparked over a washroom break.

She says Parker is the victim and he's being put on trial.

Parker was shot multiple times in November 2018 as Niagara Regional Police officers were investigating a traffic crash.

The 53 year old Constable is charged with resisting arrest, assaulting an officer and assault with a weapon during the altercation.

The shooter, 57 year old Detective Sergeant Shane Donovan had charges dropped against him in the case in November of last year.

Audet tells CBC she's speaking out to let people know the Parker she knows is kind, and a dedicated police officer.

Audet says Parker called for backup to leave the scene to use a washroom, and when no one answered, he left to find a restroom.

An argument ensued, she said, and Parker was shot multiple times, including a bullet grazing his nose.